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Quiet Forest

Natural materials
for a sustainable future

Made in Sweden

We create materials for the decarbonisation of everyday products. Our first innovation offers the following benefits:

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  • Replace more than 20-51% of your  fossil based plastic

  • Achieve sustainability goals

  • Quantifiable reduction of green house emissions

  • Natural look & feel 

  • Customize the colour of your product

  • Light weight

  • Price-competitive

  • Scalable (large production volumes)

  • Quick & easy implementation

  • Good processability (less tool wear)

  • Global solution, local production

  • Specialised support for customised development

Want to know more or order samples? We want to hear from you.

The world is changing, and so does the plastic industry

Environmental awareness is increasing, and so does the demands from end customers on sustainably produced products. Our patented technology makes it possible to replace up to half of the plastic in your products with natural wood fibers. 


Does mixing wood with plastic sound strange? Here we explain what you need to know about sustainable plastics, how it is made and how it reduces the carbon footprint and why companies benefit from using such a material.

Navigating in Woods

A global solution:

supply chain flexibility & scalability enables local production

Our material can be produced in existing paper industry infrastructure to supply plastic industry on a global scale with a new sustainable raw material to a competitive cost.

Are you a Brand owner, a Compounder, Wood fiber producer or an Investor? Our innovation opens up for many new business opportunities within the plastic industry.

Map in Grass
VR Goggles


High stiffness 

Can be coated


Biofiber Tech’s mission is to reduce the global carbon footprint.

Biofiber Tech was founded by Eric Zhang with the purpose of empowering plastic dependent industries to achieve their sustainability goals and reduce the global carbon footprint. By help finding the right solutions for you, we aim to simplify & accelerate the shift to sustainable materials, and to inspire companies to contribute to a significant reduction of fossil based plastic.


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We are located at Norrsken & KTH Green House labs

We are proud to be a part of Norrsken House in Stockholm:  the biggest hub for impact entrepreneurs in Europe. It’s a 2400m² creative cluster for over 400 people determined to accomplish change.

Our laboratoy is located in KTH Greenhouse Labs, a space for chemistry-enabled startups to develop and grow their business close to the expertise and analytical instrumentation available at KTH School of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health.


Visit address:


Birger Jarlsgatan 57 C

SE-113 56 Stockholm, Sweden

Join us as we accelerate the shift towards sustainable materials.

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