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With our innovation comes the possibility to use FibraQ compounds where wood-fibre based plastics have not been an option before. 

Choose between our standard grades or let our experts help to customise a material that fit your specific needs!





3D printing


For Compounders

We give all compounders the opportunity to offer their customers sustainable materials and to keep up with the demands of end consumers.​

In all steps of the production process current manufacture tooling can be kept and business relationships that have developed over the years can remain.


By using 1 ton of FibraQ,
you save up to 5 tons CO2eq per ton of finished product


For Brands Owners

We enable brands to fulfill their sustainability goals by providing them with materials that reduce their carbon footprint for an affordable price while maintaining competitive material performance and processability.

Producers can keep using existing tooling.​ Making a quick change to more sustainable products easy.
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For Product Manufacturers

We give manufacturers a chance to offer sustainable material at an affordable price, competitive performance, and good processability.

Our modified wood fibers can be mixed with many types of polymers at one of our compounder partners or your existing compounding partner.​ 
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  • FibraQ                                 

  • FibraQ PP/PE compounds

  • FibraQ ABS compounds

  • FibraQ 3D compounds

  • FibraQ 100% Bio compounds

  • FibraQ customized compounds


2021 SS

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FibraQ logo registered white (1)_edited.png
  • ABS / HIPS

  • 100% Bio

  • 3D

  • TPE

2021 FW

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Collaborate with us

If you decide to work with us, we will do our best to find the solutions that fit your needs. By sharing knowledge on how to optimize our material to your product and production requirements. It's all about evolving together. As we grow, what we learn from working with one partner will be shared with the next. And since plastics exist within so many industries, so do we!

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