Biogranulate wood fiber plastic mix

Customizable, Flexible, Affordable​

We have developed our own patented technology which modifies bio materials to give them plastic-like functionality. We offer your company a fully customizable solution, allowing you to have full control over the final material mix according to your needs and sustainability goals.

Our flexible approach means you can use your existing infrastructure and polymers to create your injection molded or thermoformed product, while at the same time reducing your reliance on fossil fuel-based plastic by replacing more than 50% of it with natural materials.

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Fiber producers

Sustainable business

We provide fiber producers with a new business opportunity:

We license our technology to fiber producers who can produce and sell "plastic like" hydrophobic  wood fibers to the plastic industry

For brands

Our materials can help you tell the story of who you are and what you stand for!

Reach your climate goals

We enable product producers to fulfill their sustainability goals by providing them with materials that make their products more Eco-friendly for an affordable price, while maintaining competitive performance and good processability.

Maintain product quality

Our modified wood fibers can be mixed with virgin/recycled PE and PP, PS or other biopolymers. The biogranulate can be processed via injection molding or thermoforming, for production of consumer products, storage boxes, furniture, toys, garden tools, etc.

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plastic compounding bio granulate lab mix

For compounders

Easy implementation

Because of FibraQ´s granulate format, we make it easier for compounders to become producers of high-quality wood fiber based biogranulate. Our modified wood fibers are "plastic like" (hydrophobic), enabling high performance of the end-material and makes them easy to feed. 


Our modified wood fibers can be mixed with virgin/recycled PE and PP, PS or other biopolymers and the biogranulate can be processed via injection molding or thermoforming.

For injection molders

Offer a sustainable option in your production

Offering a sustainable alternative to conventional plastics will give you a competative edge and keep you up to date with the technical innovations in your market.

Our material enable eco friendly products to be produced with a wide range of mechanical properties, tactile qualities and colors.

Injection molding plastic production bio composite

Let us introduce you to our first product:

A surface-treated wood fiber for plastic injection molding with unique properties, enabling companies to reach their climate goals by replacing more than half of their plastic with bio material.


Higher flowability in injection molding with FibraQ than than other biocomposite brands, increasing complexity of products and tool lifetime.


FibraQ can replace more than half of the plastic content in a wide variety of compositions. Allowing the possibility to customize formulations based on your product requirements.


Scalable technology, FibraQ can replace large volumes, adept to already existing production lines in a wide variety of polyolefins or biobased plastics, saving resources and keeping keeping wood fiber processing facilities alive.

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