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New job opening - Supply Manager

Biofiber Tech is on of the growing Green Tech companies based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have developed an unique patented technology to modify wood fibers and make them more “plastic like” – and has now launched a new material FibraQ and FibraQ compounds to be used as an attractive bio-based and renewable feedstock for plastic product production, reducing dependence on fossil materials and contributing to a more sustainable environment.

We are now in a rapid scaling up phase of both production and sales, and our operation model is based on out -sourcing by implementing our patented technology in the existing forest and plastic industry infrastructure and by building strategic partnership with both wood fibers producers and plastic compounders.

We have now an immediate opening for a highly motivated and experienced supply manager.

Job description

Main responsibilities:

  1. Total ownership of Biofiber Tech ‘s material supply to our customers and distributors by efficient vendor and supply chain management.

  2. Managing the whole material flow process from wood fiber production , post processing all the way to plastic compounding including production, logistic and warehousing arrangement.

  3. Planning and coordinating the production schedule to ensure timely delivery of products or services. Monitoring and controlling production costs to ensure that they stay within budget.

  4. Negotiating contracts with suppliers and vendors.

  5. Develop and maintain relationships with suppliers, ensuring they meet Biofiber Tech's delivery terms and quality control standards

  6. Overseeing the procurement of raw materials and ensuring that they are of the required quality and quantity.

  7. Conduct on-site quality assessments to ensure that products meet our high standards

  8. Planning and coordinating the transportation and storage of goods to ensure timely delivery to customers.

  9. Managing logistics and distribution networks and processes to minimize costs and optimise efficiency.

You will taking the lead in building up Biofiber Tech’s material supply system and working very closely internally with our sales and technical team, and externally with Biofiber Tech’s production partners and other vendors.


  • Excellent Project management skills

  • Well organised and structured ways of working

  • Engineer degree, Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, or a related field. Knowledge and experiences from the forest wood fiber production industry and/or plastic industry is a plus. Experience in bio-composites is a strong merit.

  • 5+ years of experience in production and supply chain management. Insights and experiences with international logistic are a plus.

  • Experience with vendor management, procurement, and quality control

  • Strong leadership & communication skills and a good team player

  • Excellent problem-solving abilities and attention to detail

  • Strong ability to lead and thrive in a fast-paced scale- up working environment.

  • Familiarity with MS Office and various business softwares (e.g. Monday, ERP, CRM)

About Biofiber Tech:

Biofiber Tech is a growing impact tech company in a scale up phase, with a vision to shape a sustainable future with its innovative technology, to modify wood fibers to make them “plastic-like “ so they can be used as a drop in solution for plastic product manufacturing to reduce reliance on fossil based plastics. We are a diversified team in terms of age, gender, nationality and background – all with a shared vision and passion to do good to our planet through technological innovation. We are centrally located at Norrsken House in Stockholm and are supported by Germany based K.D. Feddersen group and Sweden based Almi Invest green tech.

Practical information:

Please send your application with CV to Dr. Eric Zhang, Founder & CEO of Biofiber Tech Email:

Location: Norrsken House, Stockholm, Sweden

Starting time: Immediate

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