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Ocean plastic & FibraQ 3D printed Kayak on display at Melker of Sweden

Together with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Melker of Sweden we have printed a new kayak made by Ocean plastic from collected fish nets and 30% FibraQ.

The kayak is currently on display during Musikhjälpen at Pampas Marina in Stockholm where brave people are paddling around Kungsholmen (one of the big city islands) on two hours slots for 144 hours 24/7 to raise money for charity!

When our colleague Linnea Kilegran set out yesterday it was -10 degrees! But she did great, fighting through the ice to keep the kayak moving the hours she signed up for.

To contribute to the charity and the initiative Paddla för musikhjälpen by Melker of Sweden,


During some nice chats with the team at Melker this week, we heard more about that they had almost given up hope of finding a bio-based material that could be used when 3D printing their kayaks. Pointing out again that they have been doing trials with all available potential materials for over 7 years without finding a material where the layering was good enough. It makes us even prouder of the material we have achieved to develop together with the team at RISE. And more certain than ever that nobody can do this on their own, that collaborations is key! Putting bright minds and creative people together to solve the challenges that arise.

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Unknown member
Jan 18, 2023

Modern kayaks are made up of glass fiber or CF with photo-resistant polymer matrix and they really lost long. How likely is FibraQ-based kayak to lost long when kept under baking sun for years? I came to Sweden from Taiwan, I have seen the people there left their kayaks upside down under sun to dry and protect from algae growth. Note that PE has very low Tg, and not resistant to sun light in your product. I am just trying to learn more about your product, please consider this doubt in the view point of an enthusiast but not a critic. Ha ha. If you would like to know about me and my research please do write to me at…

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