Product Development Internship

Biofiber Tech is a Stockholm-based startup which has the vision to shape a sustainable future with its innovative & patented technology. Essentially, Biofiber Tech specializes in the development of sustainable materials, using wood fibers, to be implemented in applications in the field of automobile, electronic products, household products, furniture, construction, etc.

About the position

As a Product Development Intern, you will join the Product Development team in Biofiber Tech. As a part of this group, you will contribute to the development of bio-based materials, which can replace conventional petroleum-based plastics, and you will also support in various activities related to logistics/supply chain management. Our ideal candidate is an ambitious and driven person who is currently in the last year of his/her education, preferably Materials/Chemical Engineering, but not exclusively.

Starting date: September 2022

The position will be 50%

Job requirements:

• A person with an entrepreneurial spirit, driven, initiative-taking.

• Strong problem-solving abilities and excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Strong organizational and time management skills

• Team player with the ability to interface and build relations at all levels

• A suitable academic background

Your benefits:

• Internship in the chemical laboratory of Biofiber Tech, located in Greenhouse Labs (Stockholm)

• An incredible team of colleagues with mixed background and high ambitions

• The opportunity to understand Biofiber Tech core business

• A unique opportunity to get professional experience on the CV with an impact start-up company

You will play an important role in taking Biofiber Tech to the next level and will have the opportunity to share your ideas, knowledge, and experience during the internship. Your development will be a high focus for us during this period.

For the right talent, the internship might result in employment!

Contact us if you would like to apply and/or would like to know more