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We help Brand owners reduce global carbon emissions by replacing fossil-based plastic with our wood fibres.

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We are here to simplify & accelerate the shift towards sustainable plastic

By replacing fossil-based plastic with FibraQ compounds Biofiber Tech help Brand owners reduce their CO2 emissions.

With sustainably managed forests as a resource, we create sustainable materials for long-lasting plastic products. From household products to 3D printed furniture or electronics, to name a few!

Our innovation brings the possibility to use wood fibre-based plastics for a large range of products and production methods. From injection and extrusion molding to 3D printing.

FibraQ can be sold to any plastic compounder with a twin-screw extruder, no need for the compounder to be specialized. Giving compounders a chance to create sustainable plastics by offering wood-fibre based plastic.

FibraQ compounds can be sold to Brand owners or manufactures for use in existing tooling and processes where they today use fossil-based plastic like, PP/PE/ABS/TPE etc.

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To drive big change we need to work together.

We want to inspire the plastic industry to make what was impossible yesterday, a reality tomorrow!

Our approach is to always help our customers and partners find the solution that fit their needs, and what we learn along the way leads to improvements in our offering and new knowledge to share with our customers.


We believe that in order to reduce the global carbon footprint, we need to work together. That is why we focus on building a close collaboration with all players along the value chain, from compounders to recycles and everyone in between.

"We have looked at several companies in the field of plastic replacement, but Biofiber's technology with modified wood fibres is the one we see has the potential to scale up and deliver large volumes. To be able to make a big impact on an international scale in the sustainable plastic industry, a reliable large volume source with a competitive price is of utter most importance" 

– Fredrik Gottfridsson, Jellyfish Invest

Fast moving and with a growing diversified team.


Our company is based on a drive for change of the existing plastic industry, to reduce the reliance of fossil fuel and to reduce global carbon emissions. Our founder Eric Zhang, started the company to create a better alternative to already existing materials solutions for replacing fossil based plastics. 

After his Ph.D. studies at the Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden and a long career in the Swedish paper and forestry industry, Biofiber Tech founder Dr. Eric Zhang returned to this native China and was shocked by the prevalence of plastic pollution. Based on his experience and his strong drive for change, he decided to develop a way in which he could contribute to a cleaner plastic industry.


Curious to know more about the story behind the company? Read this article by Invest Stockholm link

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K.D. Feddersen Holding
Jellyfish invest, investment company focus on sustianable investments
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