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Feddersen Group invests in Biofiber Tech

K.D. Feddersen, a global group being active in the distribution and production of engineering plastics with headquarters in Germany, is now entering as an investor and strategic partner in Biofiber Tech.

"This strategic partnership with K.D. Feddersen will add a distribution and sales channel that helps us to reach new markets and industries on a global scale"

- Eric Zhang, founder and CEO of Biofiber Tech.

With a strategic partner as the Feddersen Group with a strong position in the plastics industry we will be able to scale up sales and distribution. The Feddersen Group’s distribution network and its compounding and R&D expertise will be of great value for Biofiber Tech in the expansion to new markets and industries.

This means enormous opportunities for Biofiber Tech to continue to grow and develop. The collaboration has a direct impact on large parts of the value chain and means that we can scale up our sales and production in a short time. This implies that more industries can reduce their carbon footprint with FibraQ®", says Eric Zhang, Founder and CEO of Biofiber Tech.

For K.D. Feddersen, the partnership means that the company will have access to bio-based material in a large scale, something that is experiencing a large and growing demand.

"With this strategic investment in Biofiber Tech we see a huge opportunity to jointly develop prospering future markets together"

- Volker Scheel, CEO of K.D. Feddersen Holding GmbH.

FibraQ® 3D compound in one piece 3D-printed kayak

This partnership is of highest important for us since we are in a rapid growth phase and our potential market keeps expanding. So far in 2022 we have launched new products such as FibraQ® 3D that can be used to 3D-print products, FibraQ® ABS which has opened the possibility of using Biofiber Tech's technology in the electronics industry, and FibraQ® 100% Bio, which is mixed with bioplastics and is compostable.

During the past twelve months, multiple brands from different industries have made product trials with materials based on FibraQ® with good results, and by autumn the first commercially produced consumer product made with FibraQ is expected to be on the market. The plan is to scale up our production during autumn 2022 to meet the market demand.

About the Feddersen Group

The Feddersen Group is a global player in the plastic industry with annual turnover of 900 million Euros, more than 1,100 employees worldwide and a strong presence in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

The group's core competencies lie in the development, production, and distribution of technical polymers, in mechanical engineering and development as well as in trading in machinery for polymer processing. Engineering services, wholesale, foreign trade in stainless steel, other raw materials and technical products are further important pillars of the group.

K.D. Feddersen is a worldwide trade and distribution specialist of engineering plastics, technical products, raw materials, raw polymers and speciality chemicals. K.D. Feddersen has been around for over 70 years and have subsidiaries and offices around the world.

AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH is a specialist for innovative and application-oriented plastic compounds. With over 30 years experience, they have comprehensive knowledge of plastic compounding. Producing over 165,000 tonnes of plastic compounds every year.

BIO-FED: BIOFED, is a specialist for innovative and application-oriented biocompounds. The BIO-FED team consists of experts in the development, compounding and marketing of biodegradable and biobased plastics.

port F, the port for start-ups and co-innovators who aim to make the plastics industry circular and fit for the future.

Their focus is on sustainable materials, recycling technologies, digital technologies and business models that connect players along the value chain. In addition to the material specific focus, port F opens the gates for ideas that have synergy potential with the current business areas of The Feddersen Group.

For all Feddersen Group companies, please visit


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