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One of the 50 promising impact startups chosen by The One Initiative

Today our Founder and CEO Eric Zhang will be pitching for 200 investors in Copenhagen, Denmark. As we had the honor to be ranked as one of the top 50 promising impact startups 2021.

"For months we have screened over a thousand startups in the Nordic and Baltic Region with solutions for a world beyond the climate, environmental, biodiversity and equality crisis. It has been very exciting. There are so many good solutions in this region of the world." - The One Initiative


Get matched with impact startups and international co-investors for impact Since 2017 years we have studied more than 7,000 startups in the Nordic and Baltic region. We have assessed them on their commercial viability combined with their impact scalability. Today we have over 2,000 impact startups in our platform Impact Matcher and a community of 400+ international investors. Get matched with impact startups and co-investors for impact.

The One Initiative is a bold ambition. We believe, that it is possible to use the forces of the market as a powerful driver towards a sustainable future. We want to make it happen. United Nations’ figures show, that it is possible to achieve the 17 global sustainable development goals by 2030 if roughly one percent of global investments are invested in sustainable solutions. That’s a lot of money – yes. But it is also just one percent. We just need to invest a little bit less in consumption and a little bit more in solutions.

That’s why our ambition is to identify, analyze and mature the most promising solutions of tomorrow and connect them with one percent of the capital of today.


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