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Biofiber tech 3D prints kayak in collaboration with Melker of Sweden & RISE.

We are very excited to announce our part in a Vinnova funded research project in collaboration with kayak manufacturer Melker of Sweden and RISE.

The project purpose? To explore the large-scale 3D printing of a full-sized kayak using a sustainable biocomposite based on recycled plastic and Biofiber Tech´s wood fibers, FibraQ™.

With this custom-designed and 3D-printed kayak, we will prove how new technologies and the growing sharing economy enable products to be produced with substantially lower climate footprints. It also aims to demonstrate that such an approach is applicable on an industrial scale without sacrificing performance in high-value products with the help of wood fiber reinforcement, contributing to better strength and lower weight as well as to the circular economy, a triple win!

Melker of Sweden was founded 2015 in Hammarö by local serial entrepreneur, innovator and designer Pelle Stafshede, with a business model based on an on-demand production of custom-made kayaks.

RISE, The research institute of Sweden, is Sweden’s state-owned research institute and innovation partner. Through international collaboration with industry, academia and the public sector, they ensure business competitiveness and contribute to a sustainable society.

Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency, distributes state funding to build Sweden's innovation capacity, contributing to sustainable growth and an innovative force in a sustainable world.


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