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"For a better future and those who take us there" - RISE

Last week our research partners at RISE, Ting Yang Nilsson, Scientist and Woodrow Wiest, Laboratory Engineer exhibited at the Scanautomatic in Gothenburg, Sweden. Showing off our joint project where we succeeded in being the first in the world to 3D-print a full-size kayak in one piece with a wood fibre and recycled plastic compound

At Scanautomatic you could find new and existing solutions for efficient and automated production, the fair started to make sure Swedish companies embrace new manufacturing technologies to be competitive in a global market. With three focus areas Sustainable solutions, Smart industry and Industrial energy & Electrification.

Scanautomatic is the hub for the future automation and digitalisation of industry. In a vibrant ecosystem of companies, academia and policy-makers, business is done here to ensure industry gets smarter and more sustainable...

We can all work hard on our own – but real change happens when we work together.

The combination of experts, innovators, students, suppliers, decision makers and power players is what makes Scanautomatic unique. It is also exactly what industry needs to succeed in an effective transformation. Developing sustainable industry requires commitment, investment and smart solutions. But above all, cross-sector collaboration and new business models are needed.

And these are born and come to life at Scanautomatic.


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