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Kayak for "musikhjälpen" - charity project 2022 - For a safer childhood on the run from war.

One December week a year the Swedish state owned Television and Radio broadcast around the clock to highlight a neglected human disaster. The concept is called "Musikhjälpen", it is your music - and your commitment - that saves lives. Musikhjälpen 2022 will be broadcast 12-18 December from Gothenburg, Sweden and this years theme is For a safter childhood on the run from war.

Biofiber Tech will participate this year via the initiative from Melker of Sweden, that has since 2015, through the initiative "Paddla" (Kayak) för Musikhjälpen, collected money for the benefit of the charity projects.

This year the challenge Melker of Sweden has set up is to keep (at least) two kayaks moving around Kungsholmen (one of the central Islands in Stockholm), around the clock during the 144 hours that the presenters broadcast live!

For this, the public is asked to help and keep the kayaks moving - and the paddle trip can be booked at; (it was fully booked quickly last year - so secure your place immediately).

So book a slot to paddle or just stop by and hang out! On site will also be the 3D-printed full-size kayak made with our FibraQ and recycled plastic compound. A shared project we did with Melker of Sweden and RISE, funded by Bioinnovation.

The Biofiber Tech team will be onsite together with RISE & Bioinnovation:

- 13th of December

- 17:00 - 20:00

Stop by for a "glögg" and gingerbread cookie or to take the kayak out for a short test ride!

A paddle lap around Kungsholmen takes about two hours and costs SEK 100, and for SEK 300 the paddler also gets food and a place in the warming sauna. All equipment for winter paddling is of course included, from dry

suits and kayaks to knowledgeable instructors and guides. The money collected goes directly to Musikhjälpen 2022 and this year's theme - for a safer childhood on the run from war!

With the Melker Brand Store / LEK MER @ Pampas marina in Stockholm marina as a base, various events are also arranged, around the clock throughout the Musikhjälpen week. With us, you can also buy food and drinks for frozen paddlers or passers-by. All for the benefit of Musikhjälpen!

The initiative starts with a joint big paddling start in the evening of December 12 and on Saturday December 17, a "try winter paddling" is also arranged for those who have never tried winter paddling before.

Musikhjälpen is a fundraising event that has existed in Sweden since 2008. For 144 hours, they broadcast live around the clock to, draw attention to and raise money in different ways for an overlooked human disaster. There is a new theme in Musikhjälpen every year, and this year the theme is For a safer childhood on the run from war.

In the program, three famous presenters are locked in a studio in a square in a Swedish city. During the week, they are visited by committed people who contribute in various ways to the fight for this year's theme. Artists perform and famous people visit to get involved, and like putty throughout the broadcast are the audience's song requests, all of which contribute to the fundraiser.


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