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Patent now granted in Australia, Japan and South Korea

Last week we got our patent granted in Australia, the third approval for this year after Japan and South Korea.

The journey started in 2018 when we got our first patent approved in Sweden: a technology which can modify all kinds of cellulose based materials to make them more hydrophobic and more compatible with different types of plastics.

In 2021 we launched our first material By using pine and spruce as a source and with the use of our patented technology we launched our compacted and hydrophobic wood fibres in granulate format. FibraQ can be mixed with the plastic of choice at any Compounder with a twin-screw extruder.

Spring 2022 we launched our FibraQ compounds to simplify for Brand owners and producers that want a quick and easy change to sustainable plastics. By offering a range of standard compounds that is suitable for different products and applications we can now speed up the trial and validation process. With that said, we also offer customisation if needed for all our customers to find the optimal solution according to required demands.

Our current offering includes a range of compounds within below material groups:

  • FibraQ PP/PE compounds

  • FibraQ ABS/HIPS compounds

  • FibraQ 100% Bio compounds

  • FibraQ 3D compounds


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