Natural innovation for shaping

a sustainable future

Harnessing sustainably-managed Nordic forest, Biofiber Tech offers a natural alternative to plastic.


The wood fiber can be molded, formed and shaped to your needs, offering plastic-like flexibility and application.

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Planting the Seed of Change

After his Ph.D studies at the Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden, and then  spending over 10  years working in the Swedish paper and forestry industry, Biofiber Tech founder Dr. Eric Zhang returned to his native China and was shocked by the prevalence of plastic pollution.


Using his experience from Scandinavia and his strong drive for change, he decided to develop a product that could reduce reliance on plastic-based materials.


Five years later, the result was our now patented Biofiber, that has plastic-like functionality but with a lower environmental impact. 

Customizable, Flexible, Affordable

Our patented technology modifies wood fibers to give them plastic-like functionality. It is fully customizable, allowing you to have full control over the final material mix according to your budget and sustainability goals.


Our flexible approach means you can use your existing infrastructure and polymers to create your injection or compression molded product, while at the same time reducing your reliance on fossil fuel-based plastic.


"Plastic like"

wood fibers


Injection- or compression

mouldable products

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Wood is biodegradable, renewable,

a carbon trap, and available at large scale

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Why should you choose Biofiber Tech for your business needs? 

  • Our bio-based product can reduce your reliance on fossil-fuel based materials 

  • It’s made using wood from sustainably managed Nordic forests that act as a carbon sink 

  • Being fully customizable to your existing infrastructure and future needs, our product is scalable and adaptable   

  • You choose the material mix – up to 40% Biofiber – giving you full control over your final product 



Our journey is just beginning.

Join us!