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Partnership to develop bio-based material for high-end industrial applications

Biofiber Tech is proud to join an exciting project with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Graphmatech, Atlas Copco, EMC Services, Megger Sweden AB & Meva Energy. Through this Vinnova (Sweden Innovation Agency) sponsored project, we will develop a bio-based circular material solution comprising a wood fiber-based composite with graphene-based additives, tailoring electromagnetic compatibility and high mechanical performance, and pushing towards sustainability and circular economy.

Read more about it here:

Abstract in English

Towards biobased circular economic for industrial applications: Graphene based electromagnetic compatibility material

The project aims to replace materials used to ensure electromagnetic compatibility towards a more environmentally friendly and recyclable alternative. The method proposed is based on circular economy. The method to be tested is to mix the graphene into a composite, which is then injection moulded. This composite could be bio-based. Furthermore, shielding materials, mainly nickel and aluminium, will be replaced with graphene.

Participants in the project are partly manufacturers of graphene and partly end users such as Atlas Copco Industrial Technique and Megger.

Evaluation of the material shall take place regarding both electrical and mechanical properties.

When it comes to evaluation of electrical properties, this shall be done partly on test pieces where EMC Services and RISE IVF shall perform a comparative test between the produced graphene-based material and a good conductor, and partly on product level where a handle for an electric tool shall be tested in an EMC -LAB.


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